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You'll rest easier too when you buy a PoochPlanet pet bed knowing that each and every bed is made with one or more recycled or reclaimed resources. You're helping ensure both your dog and the environment a better future!

eco advantages label
Our ecoAdvantages label identifies the environmentally responsible materials and processes used in every product.
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EcoRest is our recycled fiberfill blend made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Americans consume more than 70 million plastic bottles of water every day. By creating an innovative way to reuse this plentiful recyclable resource as resilient pet bed fill, PoochPlanet will effectively help keep the equivalent of over 100,000,000, 16.9-oz plastic bottles from reaching landfills this year. Here's how it works:

1. Recycled plastic is cut into small pieces called "flake."
2. The flake is heated, cleaned, converted into thin fiber and then crimped.
3. The result is EcoRest recycled fiber fill blend, a bed fill that offers unmatched cushioning, resilience, recovery and insulation.

See some of the PoochPlanet beds made with EcoRest by clicking here.


"Visco-elastic foam," commonly called "memory foam" mattresses and pads are popular in the human bedding industry. The material conforms to body heat and pressure, therapeutically protecting achy muscles and joints. While memory foam itself is not a sustainable material, PoochPlanet has found an innovative way to reclaim the remnant bits and pieces resulting from the production of human beds, pillows, cushions, car seats and other memory foam products. We call the reclaimed material MemoryLoft™ because it offers dogs all the same protective features of slab memory foam. MemoryLoft is used in our therapeutic beds—ideal for aging or arthritic dogs.


Petrochemicals are typically used in the production of bedding foams for human and pet use. PoochPlanet replaced some of these oil-based chemicals with a material derived from renewable plant-based resources.

See some of the PoochPlanet beds made with MemoryLoft and BeneFoam here.

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