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The PoochPlanet press room is a digital resource for consumer and trade media seeking information about PoochPlanet products. If you have a question or cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact:

Kurt Avar
160 Mitchell Boulevard, San Rafael, CA 94903
phone: 415 526-8281


PoochPlanet news releases

PoochPlanet's Cuddle Beds Wrap Around Your Dog Like A Pair of Loving Arms 6.17.11  
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PoochPlanet's New, Luxuriously Therapeutic Memory Foam CloudK9 Pet Bed Helps Keep The Spring In Your Dog's Step 3.16.11  
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Fluffy PoochPlanet Pet Beds Filled with EcoRest Recycled Fiberfill 5.19.10  
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PoochPlanet ThermaCare and OrthoDogs Pet Beds Offer Therapeutic Comfort 5.19.10
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New PoochPlanet Pet Beds Offer Stylish, Sustainable Comfort At Affordable Prices 5.19.10  
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