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dog sleeping

Lounge bed ecoAdvantages include

Look for these and other PoochPlanet Lounge beds at retailers near you.

PoochPlanet pet bed 29"x36"
PoochPlanet pet bed 32"x42"
PoochPlanet pet bed 40"x50"

Complete Needs: Rest

lounge beds

sprawl, extend, stretch...

It's easy to tell if your dog's a 'lounger'—head and chin stretched out, legs and tail fully-extended in relaxation. Larger dogs are naturally big sprawlers, but many smaller dogs like to sprawl out too. PoochPlanet's collection of traditional pillow-style beds and mats in a variety of sizes form a perfect expanse for a good night's sleep for all dogs.

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CompleteNeeds lounge therapeutic cuddle functional
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