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dog sleeping

Functional bedding ecoAdvantages include

Look for these and other PoochPlanet pet beds at retailers near you.

Basics pet throw 30"x40"
Cut2Fit pet rug
Warm'nFuzzy crate mat

Complete Needs: Rest

functional bedding

containment, comfort, protection, travel

Crates, carriers and kennels at home or for travel are essential for a dog's safety. But comfort can also become standard equipment when you use containment products with PoochPlanet Functional bedding accessories. Crate mats in a variety of styles and sizes turn crates and carriers into cozy dens of contentment while pet throws make travel cleaner and cozier for everyone. Functional bedding items also help protect furniture and floors from doggie wear 'n tear.

CompleteNeeds lounge therapeutic cuddle functional
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