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PoochPlanet understands that while all dogs need to rest, not all beds offer the same kind of rest to your weary dog. Not every human being would find the same type of bed “just right” for them, so why would every dog?

CompleteRest helps dog owners identify which PoochPlanet style meets their dog’s size, age, preferences or health condition. With PoochPlanet, generic “one-bed-fits all” pet bedding is a thing of the past!


Relaxed styles for sprawled-out comfort


Advanced cushioning & support for aging or arthritic dogs


Softly-structured for tucked-in security & support


Converts crates & kennels into cozy, cushioned den

How your dog sleeps

Our expertise in pet behavior and sleeping patterns means we provide the shapes, sizes, and styles that will best serve your customer and her pets.


A commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in everything we produce. Our pet beds utilize materials like fiberfill made from recycled bottles and reclaimed remnant foam from the production of human bedding to reduce our environmental impact.

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